Coconut Shell Bowls Combo Set of 4 (2 Original, 2 Natural)

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This beautiful mixed set includes:

  • 2 x original polished CocoBowlz™ coconut shell bowls
  • 2 x natural rough rustic CocoBowlz™ coconut shell bowls

Every CocoBowlz™ coconut shell bowl is made by hand, crafting a reclaimed coconut shell that might otherwise have gone to waste.

  • Reusable and food safe
  • No artificial creations
  • No mass machine productions
  • No chemicals, no glues, or lacquers used
  • All 100% natural plant-based and organic product

All CocoBowlz™ bowls and utensils are polished and finished with coconut oil.

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CocoBowlz™ coconut shell bowls are products of nature, produced from 100% real coconuts after their shells are declared “unusable” therefore are discarded as waste.


The dimension and sizes of our CocoBowlz™ coconut shell bowls generally range between 12cm-14cm in diameter with a depth of 6cm, and an average hold of 600ml.

Because this is a natural and handcrafted item, there will always be a slight discrepancy in size between each bowl.


CocoBowlz™ coconut shell bowls are products of nature and produced from real coconuts, individually hand-crafted by craftsmen and women.


CocoBowlz™ coconut bowls are available in two styles of finish:
  • "Natural" - Rough rustic looking outside with a smooth finished inner.
  • "Original" - Smooth polished looking outside with a smooth finished inner. 

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