Bee Soy Wax Flakes 1Kg

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Bee Soy Wax Flakes - 1kg

Our BS300 BeeSoy wax is another natural and sustainable even blend of BeeWax and Soy Bean wax. Made from 100% natural soybeans and with a very delicate texture and low melting point, it’s pure and easy to melt. Suitable for DIY many kinds of candles like scented candles, wax tablets, cup wax, and more.

Formulated to provide a creamy finish and with the added Bees Wax benefits of a soothing and calm flame while aiding with air purity due to the negative ions released when burning.

Like our CS100 and S200 blends, BS300 BeeSoy is free of palm and paraffins.


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  • Amazing oil absorption resulting in amazing hot and cold scent throw
  • Natural Air purifier - negative ions in the beeswax cling to dust in the air, dragging it down acting as a natural air purifier
  • A beautiful, creamy and smooth finish Suitable for Coconut Cup Candle
  • A high fragrance tolerance of 8-10%
  • Ideal both for beginners and professionals

Technical information:

  • Peak melting temperature 48.06°C - **Heating above 85°C for too long may cause the wax to discolour.
  • Congealing temperature 41.3°C
  • Suggested Heating Range: 80°C – 92°C
  • Suggested Pouring Range: 62°C – 72°C
  • Suggested Max Fragrance Load: 8-10% – depends on the potency of the fragrance so testing is required.

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