Caring of your CocoBowlz™

What are CocoBowlz™ (Coconut Bowls) made of?

Our CocoBowlz™ (coconut shell bowls) are hand made from 100% natural coconuts.  Our bowls are cut, cleaned and finished by craftsman from local communities in Vietnam.

Why choose CocoBowlz™ over regular bowls?

As you know, Coconut Bowls are a 100% natural organic products, every time you purchase our CocoBowlz™ you are helping the environment by contributing zero waste and using a recycled product of nature.

Caring for your CocoBowlz™

Caring for your coconut shell bowl is very important, as it’s 100% a product of nature.
Your coconut bowl is in fact an actual, real, coconut. Therefore, it may have minor cracks, blemishes and dents. Imperfections give your bowl personality and remind us that you’re eating out of nature, each bowl is crafted by hand, just for you!

Follow these basic care instructions to ensure a long lasting and durable coconut bowl.

Washing your CocoBowlz™
Hand wash with lukewarm soapy water. Do not use in the dishwasher, do not wash in very hot water or soak for a long period of time.

Eating out of your CocoBowlz™
The bowls are suitable for both cool and warm foods. To ensure durability, prepare your bowl for the change in temperature by first rinsing your bowl in lukewarm water for warm food and in cool water for cooler food. Do not expose coconut bowls to extreme temperatures and do not use in refrigerator, microwave or use in the oven.


What is the best way to clean my CocoBowlz™?

Hand-wash with warm soapy water. Always handle your bowl with care.

Can CocoBowlz™ go in the microwave, oven or refrigerator?

No. Coconut bowls cannot be used in microwaves, ovens or refrigerators. The bowls are delicate and can be affected by extreme temperatures. It is best to store your bowls in a cool dry place. * We take no responsibility for the misuse of your CocoBowlz™

How can I keep my CocoBowlz™ in good nick?

Rub coconut oil or flaxseed oil over the bowl every 10-20 uses to restore the beautiful shine and smooth surface.

If you have any questions about caring for your CocoBowlz please shoot us an email….
But, please REMEMBER DO NOT…..

DO NOT use your coconut shell bowl in the dishwasher.
DO NOT wash in very hot water or soak for a long period of time.
DO NOT expose your coconut shell bowl to extreme temperatures.
DO NOT use in refrigerator, microwave or use in the oven.
Follow these simple DO NOT rules and your bowl will last you many experiences more!