About CocoBowlz™ Australia  and What We Do!

CocoBowlz™ Australia is a leading worldwide supplier, wholesaler and retailer of Coconut Shell Bowls and Coconut Made Products – CocoBowlz™ is on a mission to support the environment, climate change and global sustainability.

Do you wonder that as a bi-product of the booming coconut industry, that the coconut shell and coconut palm tree can still be of any economic important?

From the millions of coconuts harvested from coconut palm trees for their coconut oil, fresh coconut water, white meat flesh and palm wood, almost all of their discarded empty shells and coconut palm wood are declared Un-USABLE, therefore, the shells are burnt off waste. The burning of these declared Un-USABLE coconut shells is a major environmental hazard, the burn off increases dangerous Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Methane (CH4) emissions levels in the atmosphere.

As global warming continues to become a more distressing issue, and pollution levels stand at an all time high, our ability to re-use the waste products from manufacturing and production processes will play a key part in reducing our strain on the environment.

The coconut industry is booming, coconuts are an extremely versatile food, the coconut meat alone produces a variety of coconut eating products. The husk (pictured below) is used as charcoal and biomass fuel source. The coconut water and white flesh meat provides food, health and beauty products, but many coconut plantation industries declare empty coconut shells “Un-USABLE” they then discard the empty shells to be burnt off as waste, as a result, the burn off causes pollution, increases harmful and dangerous gases such as CO2 and methane emissions.

Despite its warming potential – Methane (CH4) potency is typically overlooked and ignored because this particular gas only accounts for a rather smaller percentage of total emissions.

These harmful gases pose a major health hazard to us humans, our children, our plantations and our animals alike.

CocoBowlz™ purchase these millions of discarded empty coconut shells from Indonesian and Vietnamese businesses, after the millions of coconuts are split in half for their fresh water, white meat flesh and for use to produce coconut related products.

The empty shells then undergo the re-purposing process through the work of their local talented and skilled craftsmen and women. Each coconut shell is hand stripped from their fury husk, machine sanded and hand polished with coconut oil.

After the completion of the re-purposing process, we then deliver and show case our finished products – We call them CocoBowlz™ – Gorgeous hand crafted, re-purposed, eco-friendly, reusable and sustainable natural and polished looking coconut bowls.

The locals then complete the final process – Carefully wrap each and every coconut bowl for you to unwrap on arrival at your kitchen bench, ready to use and serve your favorite breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner.

CocoBowlz™ can be re-used a MILLION times over – They are re-used after all!

CocoBowlz™ not only retail and wholesale reclaimed coconut shell bowls, but also reclaim coconut palm wood to make 100% coconut made utensils – Our full range consist of: coconut bowls, coconut palm spoons, coconut palm forks, coconut palm chopsticks, and coconut shell scoop spoons – All of our products are 100% plant based and made from either discarded coconut shells and coconut palm wood. Our business not only save millions of coconut shells, but coconut palm trees.

Re-purposing discharged coconut shells and coconut palm wood not only battles climate change, but provides a source of income to skilled and talented local workers in need.

Now is your time to make a change, help tackle climate change and global sustainability – Invest in some CocoBowlz™ coconut shell bowls and coconut made utensils and make a massive contribution to supporting the environment.

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